Aurelio Porfiri

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Aurelio Porfiri

Aurelio Porfiri (1968) graduated from the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Maiella, Naples, with a final degree in Choral Music. He also studied Renaissance Polyphony and Polyphonic musical forms with Domenico Bartolucci as well as further studies in Organ anche Composition with Giuseppe Agostini, a leading organist and choir master in Italy. Later he also studied Renaissance Semiology with Francesco Luisi, editor for the third national edition of the works of Palestrina.
Having previously been the substitute Organist of the Vatican City Vicariate in St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as in many other notable churches in Italy, he arrived in Macau in 2008, having been invited to be an Associate Professor for a local University.

He was then Director of Choral Activities and Composer in Residence for Santa Rosa de Lima School English Secondary (Macau, China), and Fatima Girls’ School (Macau, China) before returning to Rome in 2015.

He is a prolific composer, having composed many Oratorios and Cantatas, Masses, Musicals, Choral Compositions and Arrangements, as well as music of different genres. His choral compositions are mainly in Latin, Italian and English and renge. Many of his compositions in Italian were commissioned by the most popular liturgical journal in Italy “La vita in Cristo e nella Chiesa” and from Vatican Radio. His works are performed from various choirs, communities and parishes around the world and his music is mainly published by Edizioni San Paolo (Italy), Edizioni Carrara (Italy), Canticanova (USA) Porfiri & Horvath Publisher (former Edition Music Contact, Germany), Editio Ferrimontana (Germany), Symetrie (France).

His is a regular contributor of influential blogs and website dealing with music and liturgy as Zenit (until 2010) Liturgia Opus Trinitatis (Italy) and Corpus Christi Watershed “A View from the choir loft” (USA), O Clarim (Macau) and host a personal blog on Patheos. He has published around 400 articles and 18 books.

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Ave Maria – SATB Choir

Ave, Rex Noster – SATB Choir

In Nomine Enim Iesu – TTBB Choir

In Nomine Enim Iesu – SSAA Choir

Flower – SATB Choir

Laetentur Caeli – SSAA Choir

Laetentur Caeli – SATB Choir

Laetentur Caeli – TTBB Choir

Regina Coeli – SATB Choir and Organ

Angele Dei – SAT Choir

Angele Dei – SSA Choir

Angele Dei – TTB Choir

Voglio Chiamar Maria – SATB Choir

Voglio Chiamar Maria – SSAA Choir

Voglio chiamar Maria – TTBB Choir

Dovunque il guardo giro – TTBB Choir

Dovunque il guardo giro – SATB Choir

Dovunque il guardo giro – SSAA Choir

Pater Noster – SATB Choir

Make Me To Know Your Ways – SSAA Choir

Make Me To Know Your Ways – TTBB Choir

Make Me To Know Your Ways – SATB Choir

Ave Maria – Solo, Choir and Organ

Tu scendi dalle stelle – SATTBB Choir

Christus Natus Est Nobis – SATB Choir and Organ

Venite, Omnes Populi – SATB Choir

Venite, Omnes Populi – SSAA Choir

Venite, Omnes Populi – TTBB Choir

Silent Night – SATB Choir

Silent Night – SSAA Choir

Silent Night – TTBB Choir

Ego Sum Lux Mundi – SATB Choir

Ego Sum Lux Mundi – SSAA Choir

Ego Sum Lux Mundi – TTBB Choir

O bella mia speranza – SATB Choir

O bella mia speranza – SSAA Choir

O bella mia speranza – TTBB Choir

To See A World – TTBB Choir

To See A World – SSAA Choir

To See A World – SATB Choir

O Memoriale – SSAATTBB Choir

Salve, Mundi Domina – SATB Choir

Salve, Mundi Domina – SSAA Choir

Salve, Mundi Domina – TTBB Choir

Confitebor Tibi In Saeculum – SATTB Choir, Organ and Strings

Of Death and Love – Songs cycle for Soprano solo and Piano

Alleluia, Franciscus Pauper – SSA Choir

Ecce Deus Adiuvat Me – SATTBB Choir

Ecce Tu Pulchra Es – SB Choir and Organ

Saint Augustine Mass – Choir and Organ

Blessed Mary of the Passion Mass – SSA Choir and Organ

Iubilate Deo – SA Choir and Organ

Sing to the Lord a New Song – SA Choir and Organ

Requiem Aeternam – SATB Choir

Angele Dei – Solo, Female Choir and Organ

O Sacrum Convivium – Soprano solo, SA Choir and Organ

Osculetur Me – Solo, SA Choir and Organ

Regina Coeli – Solo, SSA Choir and Organ

Iubilate Deo – Solo, Unison Choir and Organ

Trahe Me – Solo, Choir and Organ

Maria, Mater Gratiae – Solo, SA Choir and Organ

The Echo – SATB Choir

Ave, Mater Dolorosa – SATB Choir

La vita fugge – SATB Choir

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