hymni Caelestis
hymni Caelestis

Hymni Caelestes – Western Composers in Macau (CD)


Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary Choir

Accompanist: Dian Paramita

Conductor: Aurelio Porfiri

Product Description

“Hymni Caelestes”, in this Cd are the works of western composers residing in Macau in XX and XXI century. The composers whose works will be featured in this Cd are Ferdinando Maberini (Italy, 1886-1956), Guilherme Schmid SBD (Austria, 1910-2000), Aureo Castro (Portugal, 1917-1993) and Aurelio Porfiri (1968). All of them work in Macau for a consistent period of time, being the first three missionaries and the fourth one full musician. All of them wew educated in western institutions and have an important role on the development of musical culture in Macau.


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