Preview Carme 2_SATB Choir_VELLA
Preview Carme 2_SATB Choir_VELLA

Joseph Vella: Passer, deliciae meae puellae- SATB Choir


SATB Choir, 5 pages

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Passer, deliciae meae puellae by Joseph Vella

SATB Choir, 5 pages

From Carme 2 by Gaius Valerius Catullus (c. 84 – 54 BC)


Sparrow, darling of my girl,

with whom she plays, whom she holds in her lap,

to whose greedy attack she gives her fingertip,

provoking you to peck her sharply,

when it pleases the radiant object of my desire

to play some dear game,

and a solace for her grief,

I believe, so that then her serious passion is laid to rest,

if I could play with you the way she does,

and lift the sad cares of my heart


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