Pagine da Popule Meus_Weber
Pagine da Popule Meus_Weber

Paul Weber: Popule Meus – SSATB Choir


SSATB Choir, 10 pages

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Popule Meus by Paul Weber

SSATB Choir, 10 pages

The Improperia are a series of antiphons and responses, expressing the remonstrance of Jesus Christ with His people. They are also known as the “Reproaches”.

In the Catholic liturgy they are sung as part of the observance of the Passion, usually on the afternoon of Good Friday.


My people, what have I done to you? or in what have I offended you?

Answer me!

I led you out of the land of Egypt

but you led your Savior to the cross.

Holy God! / Holy God!
Holy and Mighty One! / Holy and Mighty One!
Holy immortal One, have mercy on us! / Holy immortal One, have mercy on us!

I led you through the desert for forty years,

and fed you manna, and brought you into a land of plenty;

you prepared a cross for your Savior.

For you have quenched my thirst with vinegar,

and with a lance you have pierced your Savior’s side.

For you I scourged Egypt and its firstborn, ; and you have given me over to be scourged.


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