Giuseppe Liberto

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Giuseppe Liberto

Msgr. Giuseppe Liberto, Conductor Emeritus of the Sistine Music Chapel, is Presbyter of the Archdiocese of Monreale. Since the beginning of his minister he was Chapel Choir Conductor and Organist in the cathedral of his Archdiocese. He has been teacher in the Conservatorio “Vincenzo Bellini” in Palermo, were he had the degrees of Instrumentation and Composition, and in the Theology Faculty of Sicily, where he taught Liturgical Musicology.
In 1997 the Holy Father John Paul II called him to be the Conductor of the Sistine Music Chapel, position that he had until October 2010.
In addition to the many pontifical celebrations, he conducted the Choir in over 100 concerts in Italy and abroad (Japan, Hungary, Malta Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Germany…).
His numerous music compositions express the constant research of the interpretation and implement of the Second Vatican Council’s Liturgical Reform, and include different genres of liturgical works: 25 Masses as Ordinary, almost all the songs of the Proper of the liturgical Feasts and of the Liturgy of the Hours, motets, hymns, prayers…
For the Libreria Editrice Vaticana (LEV) he opened in 2004 the series Liturgica Poliphonia – I Canti della Cappella Musicale Pontificia “Sistina”, of which the first ten booklets, including some of his compositions, had been collected together in one book in 2012.
Among his vocal and instrumental compositions, the following works are very important: In attesa dell’Aurora, Concert for organ, orchestra and mezzo-soprano; O Crux, Albero gemmato nel Giardino, Cantata for the Cross Adoration, for Solos, Choirs and Orchestra; Sigillo sul cuore, for string orchestra, timpani, organ, and trumpet solo; Dialoghi in volo, for flute and piano; String Quartets; Laudes Regiae, concert for brass sextet and organ; Cantico delle creature, polyphonic pictures on the words of St. Francis; Coronas annum benignitate tua, organ pieces on the liturgical year; Deus Caritas est, collection of motets and organ pieces; Parole dal silenzio, lyric poems for voice and piano.
He wrote: Il canto della preghiera (Ed. Vivere In, 1990), Cantare il Mistero (Ed. Feeria, 2004), Parola fatta Canto, II Edition (Ed. Libreria Editrice Vaticana), considerations on liturgical music; Luce che insegue l’aurora (Ed. Feeria, 2007), Sui prati della sera (Ed. Feeria, 2009), collection of poetic meditations, Il racconto dell’Avvento (Ed. Feeria, 2011), Germi poetici (Adhoc Edizioni), Suggestioni in contrappunto (Ed. Libreria Editrice Vaticana).
Among the many awards, on the 27th July 2003 he received the Premio nazionale Liolà, Premio Internazionale Pirandello/Caos 2011 ”Una vita per la musica” and on the 13th July 2013, the award Stelle del Gattopardo Men in the world of Culture, Science, solidarity and art.
Moreover he published works with Edizioni Carrara, LDC, CAL, Vivere In, Paoline, Porziuncola, Kelidon, OMC Casa Discografica and some of his poems has been translated into English in the “Italian Poetry Review”.

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